Pharmacy: Vienna

When I’m perusing pharmacies in foreign countries, I try to stay focused on skincare and treatments loved by locals and unavailable in the USA.  No reason to spend money on things I can buy at home.  I didn’t see too many brands unique to Vienna in the two pharmacies I popped into but they are well stocked in wonderful French skincare lines.  

I picked up a few things such as this Vitamin C booster and marine-based serum to test.  I wasn’t feeling 100% and a pharmacist recommended this effervescent aspirin and vitamin c tablets that I have to admit helped me push through the days and get in all the walking and sightseeing.  I wish I could buy these at home because turns out they also help with hangovers. 

This was a cool vintage shop.  I didn’t purchase anything in here but enjoyed browsing. 

No photo at any angle does this church justice.  It’s grand and exquisitely detailed.  We toured the catacombs here, learned about the plague and got a brief reprieve from the heat.  

There is simply too much history and beauty to see in and around Vienna in only a few days.  From the museums, architecture, nearby monasteries, castles, the Danube, coffee and pastries, a return trip is a must. 

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