Product Review: ColourPop Cosmetics

ColourPop Cosmetics

What it claims to do?
Los Angeles based ColourPop “specialize in making killer makeup in every shade imaginable at prices everyone can afford.  That’s why all of our products have luxury formulas at prices that won’t break the bank.”
Do I agree?
Yes.  ColourPop has an amazing color selection and a wide range of quality cosmetics.  The single shadows pots and Lippie Stix are only $5.00 each.  ColourPop is a cruelty-free company.
Upper L to R: Hanky Panky, Shark Attack, Nillionaire
Lower L to R: Lippie Stix in Fancy, Krinkle, Rumer Has It

Lippie Stix in Fancy
How I use it?
I bought five eyeshadows (2 matte and 3 shimmer) and one Lippie Stix to test out.  They’re very pigmented and have a smooth, buttery, mousse-like texture.  As you can see, I accidentally put my finger through one before I realized how bouncy they were.  These photos of Nillionaire don’t do it justice.  It’s the most amazing brown/gold shade.  Shark Attack and Rumer Has It appear to be sold out at the moment.  There are so many colors to choose from as well as other face products, I look forward to making another order soon.
L to R: Hanky Panky, Shark Attack, Nillionaire, Krinkle, Rumer Has It
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