Product Review: Let’s Mask


I try to mask my face regularly every Sunday night while watching Downton Abbey or any of my favorite Sunday shows.  I also use a hydrating mask before any special event.  I’m a huge fan.  My philosophy on masks is it’s an important component to include in an overall skincare regimen.  While you may not notice huge results after one use, their benefit comes from ongoing use over time.  There are loads on the market.  Here are some I have in rotation.

Forever Luminous Decolletage Mask Papaya + Aloe + Vitamin C by My Spa Life: I pay a lot of attention to my décolletage so I was excited to spot this particular mask.  It’s massively wet and hydrating.  I love it.  You can sometimes find My Spa Life products on special at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  You can buy from Amazon for about $9.00 and you get 3 in a box.

Forever Luminous Hydrating Facial Wraps with Volcanic Ash + CoQ10: Also from My Spa Life, this hydrating mask is just as nice.  @Amazon.

Ecopure Real Therapy Hydrogel Honey Bee: These Korean based, slimy masks come in Honey Bee (with royal jelly extract), Snail (with real snail slime), and Syn-ake (a synthetic snake venom).  I’ve been using the Honey Bee version and I like it a lot.  Made by DANAHAN.  You can find them in Korean Beauty shops like the one I frequent in Las Vegas or online here.

Bio-Miracle Anti-Aging & Moisturizing Face Mask, Vitamin C Collagen: Another very nice and affordable brand.  I’m enjoying the Vitamin C (helps to produce collagen) mask.  These come 5 in a box for $9 or $10 on Amazon.

These nails are coffin nails.  I saw them at the witchcraft store, Hex: Old World Witchery.  If you find yourself in New Orleans or Salem, MA, you’ll want to stop in for a fun and unique experience.  You can also shop online.  I love their candles as well!

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