Santa Barbara Sunshine

Santa Barbara East Beach

I’ve had a couple of opportunities recently to visit Santa Barbara and have come to appreciate its history, small coastal hippy town vibe, and modern offerings such as really great food, drink, shopping, and yes, a lot of sunshine. I feel lucky to have good friends living here now because I know I will return and I look forward to exploring more of Santa Barbara and the outlying areas.

I thoroughly enjoyed one stay in a beach motel called Blue Sands Inn which I highly recommend. I loved the sensibility it evokes of a 1960s summer holiday, its homey decor, and location. It’s only a block from the water.

This red paisley corduroy jacket is a thrift store find. They must have produced a large quantity because I’ve seen it in thrift stores since. I go back and forth with paisley. I like this jacket quite a lot. I especially like the teal, black and cream colors within the red pattern. However, I cannot get on board with paisley prints most of the time. I wore it here with Zara wide leg jeans and Oki Kutsu trainers.

Santa Barbara Mission, founded by Spanish priests in 1786.
I’m continually impressed with the flora and fauna found in Santa Barbara. I see plants and trees, I’ve never seen before.
Powerful photograph on display at the mission.

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