Seven Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Trends I’m Avoiding

mint green spring summer fashion trends

Lots of bright colors on the runway dominating the Spring/Summer 2020 fashion trends including neon, pastels, and jewel tones.

Spring is the time to dust off winter doldrums, put away winter coats, and feel the sunshine on our faces. There wasn’t much to do over the weekend of self-isolation other than tidy up the house and catch up on some Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Trends.

While some trends have piqued my interest, these are current trends that I will be avoiding. The below-mentioned are particular to my own personal style preferences, body type, skin tone, etc. If you love them, give them a try! It’s a new season after all.

Mint Green

spring summer 2020 mint green fashion trend

I cannot get on board with this color. I’m of the opinion that it’s very hard to make mint green look cool, chic or sophisticated. The outfits I’ve seen on the runway look mumsy, dated, or dull. Maybe just leave this shade for babies? Babies look cute in anything and are the only ones able to pull of mint green, maybe.


neon fashion trends 2020 Valentino

I can appreciate this Neon Elevated trend and some of these looks are gorgeous. My avoidance of neon is strictly down to skin tone. Neon looks amazing on olive to dark skin tones. Stunning. But, for my fair complexion, it would come across flat and wash me out.

Bermuda Shorts

spring 2020 Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts, past or present, have never been particularly flattering. I see this trend much like the biker short with blazer trend from 2019, reserved for high fashion events and magazine spreads. If I wore these in real life, they would just look tired and frumpy.

Strappy Sandals Over Pants

strappy sandals over pants 2020 fashion trend
strappy sandals over pants 2020 trend

I look at this trend as potentially being the shortest-lived trend ever. It’s simply trying way too hard in my opinion. It’s disruptive to the eye and my brain doesn’t know how to process it.

Floss Sandals

floss sandals flip flop sandals
floss sandals ss20 fashion trends

I’ll admit, I haven’t tried on any floss sandals but they look like they would be a destroyer of feet. I’ve worn enough uncomfortable shoes to know pain when I see it. They’re flimsy and unsupportive. They’d be brutal on concrete, murder on cobblestones, and useless on grass.

Hot Pants

hot pants spring 2020

I wouldn’t have worn hot pants or short shorts at age 21, at 50, it’s a hard no. I can see young women rocking this look on a night out but short shorts were never in my fashion wheelhouse.


granny florals spring summer 2020 fashion trends

To quote Miranda Priestly, “Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking.” While this montage of florals on the runway is gorgeous to look at, I would be swallowed up by such large prints and unable to pull off this look.

What do you think of these SS20 trends? Are you in?

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