Shopping My Vintage Wardrobe for AW19 Fashion Trends: Capes & Coats

Balmain aw19 cape

To keep warm this winter, I show you examples of how I shopped my own vintage wardrobe for AW19 fashion trends for Capes and Coats.

I saved this final installment of my five-part series where I shop my own vintage wardrobe for AW19 fashion trends until winter was in full force. I probably own as many coats, capes, and blazers as I do tops. They are a real obsession.

A few years ago, I went to a vintage clothing fair and came home with four capes for no particular reason other than they kept catching my eye. Therefore, I’m elated to see them trending. Coats. I love a statement coat and vintage is the route to take if you’re looking to make a statement with your outerwear that is easy on the wallet.

AW19 Fashion Trend: Capes

Balmain aw19 black cape
vintage pauline trigere coat aw19 fashion
vintage Pauline Trigere wool and rhinestone coat

This vintage Pauline Trigère coat from the 1950s is a swing-style coat that because of the cut looks a bit like a cape. I bought it from a vintage shop years ago and it’s one of my favorite coats that I own. When I saw the Balmain black and rhinestone coat from the AW19 runway, I was reminded of this beauty.

vintage swing style coat cape aw19
a vintage swing style coat
vintage styling tips swing style coat
Chanel aw19 vintage styling tips
victorian lace cape vintage styling coats and capes
antique Victorian lace cape + G-Star raw jeans + Topshop shoes

This Victorian black cape is an antique at over 100 years old. A bit of an impulse purchase at the time because I really had no idea how it would fit into my wardrobe or how I would style it without looking like I had stepped back into time.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best styled down, not dressed up. I like the juxtaposition of the elegant, exquisite lace and ripped jeans. I’ve paired it here with a pair of Topshop court shoes.

victorian lace vintage styling tips
Victorian black lace cape
victorian black lace vintage
Chanel cape aw19
Fall Winter 2019, Paris Fashion Week, France – 05 Mar 2019
1960's handmade vintage capes and coats
handmade vintage cape from the 1960s

This vintage plaid cape from the 1960s is one of the many handmade gems in my closet. I bought it from Camille Designs in Berkley, CA. The gold medal buttons were a huge selling point. I’m a sucker for them on any coat, cape or blazer.

AW19 Fashion Trend: Coats

aw19 coat fashion trends
lanvin aw19 coat
vintage coat styling tips coats and capes
vintage navy blue coat

I have a weakness for navy blue coats, jackets, and blazers. I love this vintage coat from the 1950s for the details; the covered buttons, grosgrain trim, and perfect pocket placement.

vintage navy blue coat styling tips
the row aw19
vintage Balmain ivory coats and capes
vintage Balmain coat

Normally, I lean toward a more defined shoulder when it comes to coats and blazers but every once in awhile this slouchy, comfy silhouette is nice because it feels like I’m wearing a blanket. This vintage Balmain coat is one of my best eBay finds as I got it for $19!

styling tips vintage Balmain
vintage Balmain coat
shrimps coat aw19 coats and capes
vintage coat shrimps styling tips coats and capes
vintage coat + lace top from Zara

Shrimps kill it every season with their coats and handbags. I pulled this vintage black and green coat from my vintage wardrobe as a nod to Shrimps. This was a quality find at Lucky Vintage in Seattle, one of my best honey holes. Bonus, it is also reversible.

vintage coat lucky vintage Seattle
vintage cream colored coat
vintage white leather and fur coat

Another nod to Shrimps is this vintage cream-colored leather and fur coat from Decades of Fashion in Haight Ashbury. I recently splashed red wine all over it and I’m still working on getting the stains out.

vintage coat styling tips

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