Shopping My Vintage Wardrobe for AW19 Fashion Trends: Dark Florals – Animal Prints – Feathers

Paco Rabonee vintage fashion trends AW19

Examples below of how I shopped my own vintage wardrobe for AW19 fashion trends including Dark Florals, Animal Prints, and Feathers.

This is my third post replicating Autumn/Winter 2019 trends from my own vintage wardrobe. You can check out my posts on the 70s Bourgeois trend and the Leather and Lace trend.

This week, I pulled some outfits together inspired by more AW19 fashion trends such as Dark Florals, Animal Prints, and Feathers.

Dark Florals

AW19 fashion trends vintage clothing dark florals
vintage floral dress + knee-high boots

I don’t own too many dresses, vintage or otherwise, but one that I do have happens to be this vintage dark floral dress I bought at a flea market two years ago. A dress can be worn with ease when most of the styling is already done for you within a beautiful print. One only needs to add shoes and possibly some accessories. This floral number is busy for my usual taste but the color combination of black, red, pink, blue and white appealed to me.

I’ve worn it here with a pair of knee-high boots from Nasty Gal from a few years back.

Louis Vuitton AW19 dark florals vintage styling tips
giambattista AW19 dark florals vintage styling tips fashion trends
vintage styling tips dark florals AW19 fashion trends
vintage satin top + Mango cropped pants + Michael Kors boots

I loved the orange laces on the Giambattista Valli runway model. Amazon had some (they’re bright!) and I swapped out the black laces on these very old Michael Kors boots. I styled them with a pair of mustard-colored trousers from Mango, and a vintage black satin top with the most gorgeously saturated floral print.

vintage styling tips dark florals vintage lace skirt
vintage lace skirt + vintage black lace top + Zara platform boots

This is an incredible 1970s vintage skirt I scored recently at Fashionista Vintage in New Haven, Connecticut. It combines both the floral and lace trend of AW19 in a beautiful floral print, metallic lace, and gold rivets! The elastic waistband will need to be replaced but I can wear it low around my hips until I get around to doing that. Here, I styled it two ways; with a vintage black lace top, and my favorite sweatshirt, a black neoprene sweatshirt from COS.

vintage lace skirt dark florals AW19 fashion trends
vintage lace skirt + Michael Kors boots with orange laces + COS sweatshirt

Animal Prints

paco rabanne aw19 fashion trends vintage styling tips
YSL aw19 fashion trends vintage styling
vintage styling tips aw19 fashion trends animal prints
vintage 1980s blazer with leopard trim + vintage lace bodysuit + vintage feather cardigan

Animal prints have never been my thing. Frankly, animal prints just look best on the respective real animal. This season, they are everywhere and it’s a bit overkill in my opinion to the point where animal prints have become boring as a fashion trend. The animal prints on the runway, however, were gorgeous. My favorites were outfits where the print didn’t overtake the entire look such as the Paco Rabanne look (above) with the beautiful floral pants and the YSL look with that gorgeous sequin jacket.

This vintage 1980s blazer from the thrift shop is the only thing I own with an animal print. Its lapel and cuffs are trimmed with leopard print and black sequins.

vintage styling tips


Oscar de la renta aw19 feathers vintage styling
aw19 fashion trends feathers vintage
vintage lace bodysuit + vintage 80s blazer + vintage cardigan with feathers

Feathers were also huge on the runway. I decided to go big for this one and combine all three trends; animal print, lace, and feathers with this vintage lace bodysuit, vintage black cardigan with feather trim, and the thrift store blazer with leopard trim.

The black cardigan with feathers is thin enough to wear under a jacket and has a hook and eye closure in the front. Therefore, I can remove the blazer if I get warm and still be covered because the bodysuit is sheer. This is an outfit I will wear for a night out with black jeans.

animal print lace feathers vintage styling tips
dolce & gabbana feathers aw19

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