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5 Best After-Shower Body Oils & Creams

If your skin is dry as a desert as is mine, you may want to check out a few of my after shower body care heroes.  I’m on about my fifth can of Vaseline Spray Moisturizer.  I’ve used all three varieties; cocoa butter, total moisture, and this aloe version.  They are easy to use, super moisturizing, and very affordable.  Available at drugstores. Goe Oil by Jao is pure luxury.  It’s on the

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Product Review: Baby Foot

This is the time of year we get our heels and toes out. Remove dead skin with Baby Foot Exfoliating Treatment. If you’ve never tried it, you will be hooked by the result! What it claims to do: Using 16 different fruit extracts, Baby Foot exfoliates dry skin and peels away dead skin cells revealing the smoothest feet you’ve ever had. Does it work? Yes. I have used and recommended

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