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Unleash Your Inner Cowgirl With Cowboy Boots

New or vintage, cowboy boots never go out of style. I love styling them street style with denim, skirts or dresses. Effortless yet intentional. Autumn is upon us. This is my favorite time of year. I could live forever wearing jackets and boots. It is also a chance to put my cowboy boots back into rotation. I have two pairs of vintage cowboy boots and two pairs that are more

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Six Days, Six Vintage Skirts

Trying to stay cool yet manifest autumn at the same time. Styling six vintage skirts including five maxi skirts. As I’ve spent the pandemic decluttering the house including my closet, I’ve re-discovered some forgotten friends in the way of skirts. Styling skirts is a little bit daunting for me as opposed to say jeans. It requires a little more critical thought. Styling these six outfits around vintage skirts was a

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Road Trippin’: A Guide to Vintage Clothing Stores

A guide to some of the best vintage clothing stores that I have discovered throughout the United States and a few in Europe. Updated June 2020 Aside from eBay, Etsy, and the occasional vintage clothing fair, I source most of my vintage clothing finds from the honey holes I’ve discovered over the years, locally and through my travels. Below is a directory of my favorite vintage clothing and thrift stores that

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Seven Magic Mountains & Bright Vintage Sequins

The LA Times called these rock formations, titled Seven Magic Mountains, a “kind of psychedelic Stonehenge,” and serve as a modern-day totem to our Instagram age. A recent visit to Las Vegas included a road-side photo op by these Insta-worthy fluorescent rocks south of Las Vegas. The sculptures, called Seven Magic Mountains, and created over a five year period by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, are an absolute contrast to the

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Shopping My Vintage Wardrobe for AW19 Fashion Trends: Capes & Coats

To keep warm this winter, I show you examples of how I shopped my own vintage wardrobe for AW19 fashion trends for Capes and Coats. I saved this final installment of my five-part series where I shop my own vintage wardrobe for AW19 fashion trends until winter was in full force. I probably own as many coats, capes, and blazers as I do tops. They are a real obsession. A

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How To Thrift Like A Pro

I show you my best tips and tricks for how to thrift like a pro for clothing, accessories, housewares, decor, and furniture. Dress the part. Bring cash. Keep wet wipes in your car. Bring your phone. Find out what is on sale as you walk in the door. Get a cart. Don’t show your hand. Look for quality pieces. Have a vision. Go easy on yourself. Buy it when you

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Curate A Fabulous Wardrobe That You Will Actually Wear Using The One In, One Out Rule Part II

Here I share with you one of my tried and true practices that will help result in a curated wardrobe of items you actually love and will wear using the One In, One Out Rule. I wrote a blog post about how I upgrade my wardrobe without adding to the number of things that I own using the One In/One Out rule earlier this year. I’m no stranger to the

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Black & Blue Sequins

Vintage sequin tops such as this black and blue sequin number are bountiful in thrift shops and vintage clothing stores and are often very affordable. It’s a perfect entry into building your vintage wardrobe. Black and blue sequin polka dots These vintage sequin tops from the 60s, 70s, and 80s are one of my favorite things to search for whenever I’m in a thrift shop or vintage clothing shop. They

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Shopping My Vintage Wardrobe for AW19 Fashion Trends: Camp – Acid Wash – The Color Purple

Examples below of how I shopped my own vintage wardrobe for AW19 fashion trends including Camp, Acid Wash, and the Color Purple. Installment number four in my five-part series on my attempt to re-create Autumn Winter 2019 fashion trends from items within my own vintage wardrobe. All fashion trends do indeed come back around. Huge on the AW19 runway was the color purple. It was everywhere. Looking through my own

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Shopping My Vintage Wardrobe for AW19 Fashion Trends: Dark Florals – Animal Prints – Feathers

Examples below of how I shopped my own vintage wardrobe for AW19 fashion trends including Dark Florals, Animal Prints, and Feathers. This is my third post replicating Autumn/Winter 2019 trends from my own vintage wardrobe. You can check out my posts on the 70s Bourgeois trend and the Leather and Lace trend. This week, I pulled some outfits together inspired by more AW19 fashion trends such as Dark Florals, Animal

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