Vintage Christmas Decor

The Christmas decorations are up!  It’s no surprise that truly vintage or vintage-inspired Christmas decorations would be my favorite.  Below are some of my best vintage finds from over the years that still excite me every year as I unpack my Christmas boxes.  Inspiration can be found in the smallest details. What kind of personal touches do you like to bring to decorating your space for the season and festivities?

Thrift stores always have vintage decor on the shelves.

I found these vintage Mexican glass ornaments while antique shopping in New Orleans.

These tiny handmade vintage ornaments are adorable.

Glass ornament from the ’50s.

I love these very charming vintage Christmas deer.

I have a little collection of vintage brass animals that I like to include in my Christmas displays.

Vintage-inspired tinsel tree.

This vintage Italian nativity is one of my biggest scores. I got the entire set for $10 at an antique store in an after Christmas sale.

eBay is another great source for vintage Christmas decor which is where I found these.

$2 thrift store candle.

I was thrilled to stumble upon this handmade vintage tablecloth in a thrift store. The fact that it only cost $2 makes me love it all the more.

I also have a thing for paper mache Christmas ornaments such as this gnome.

My childhood Christmas stocking. My mother made one for each family member.

$1 wall hanging from a North Carolina antique mall.

These vintage elves were another eBay find years ago.

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