Vintage Hat & Blazer On The Last Cool Day Before The Summer Heat

vintage hat and blazer
vintage velvet hat

I took one of my favorite outfits comprising of this vintage hat and blazer for a final spin on the last cool day before the summer heat arrived.

We’re in it now. It’s hot and humid in New England. I mourn cozy fabrics and layers that are now put on hold until fall. I’ve been styling up some outfits for the next few weeks. Summer is my least favorite season. With every arrival, my goal in regards to summer clothing is just to get through the season so I can enjoy clothes again. Nevertheless, I do try and have been looking at my summer-type items with fresh eyes.

This vintage, burgundy tuxedo blazer is from a thrift shop. I’ve had it for many years. I like this style of a blazer because it’s nipped in at the waist and gives me a shape. It’s also long in the back so I can wear any style of top and it looks clean.

I found this velvet, 1970s hat at Tova’s Vintage Shop in Old Saybrook, CT a few years ago. Wearing a Star Wars t-shirt from Goodwill, gray boots from Saks, and the black jeans are J-Brand.

vintage hat and blazer
1970’s vintage velvet hat
vintage hat and blazer
vintage tuxedo blazer

Remove dust and lint from hats with a sticky-tape lint roller. I keep several around and give my hat a quick sweep before leaving the house.

vintage hat and blazer
vintage hat and blazer

Shop Esty for vintage hats and blazers.

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