Vintage Wardrobe Staple: Navy Blazer From Goodwill

vintage navy blazer, vintage necklace
photos: kylar.combs

There are staples in any wardrobe that can be easily swapped out with a vintage option. Blazers are such an example. Vintage blazers are known to have interesting lines and tailoring, unique embellishments, and most often made from high-quality natural fabrics.

A navy blue blazer is the epitome of a wardrobe staple. Vintage versions are plentiful in thrift stores, vintage stores, and online. I have several navy blue jackets and blazers in my closet. Vintage blazers from the 1940s to current fashion finds. This one, in particular, is a Goodwill find from several years ago that cost less than $10. It’s from the 1980s, is 100% wool, fully lined, and has gold metal buttons; a weakness of mine.

I’ve worn it here with a vintage 1960s Kenneth Lane necklace that I bought from a flea market in 2017. That gold medallion is everything.

Whether you are the capsule wardrobe type or a maximalist like myself, I encourage you to consider buying vintage for your wardrobe staples. Vintage finds are often the most treasured items in my wardrobe of classic clothing.

vintage Kenneth Lane necklace and vintage navy jacket

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