Wardrobe Management Tips & Tricks

wardrobe management tips and tricks

Wardrobe management tips and tricks to help make your closet more functional, organized, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Is your closet an anxiety-inducing cluttered mess? Do you have enough clothes to open a small boutique yet feel you have nothing to wear? Have you forgotten what you own? Do you have a few go-to outfits for work or a special event ready at a moment’s notice?

Whether you’re a clothing maximalist or favor a capsule wardrobe, having an organized wardrobe can help save time when getting ready in the mornings and give you peace of mind.

Here are some practical tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years that help me keep my closet organized and functional, and my clothes in good condition.

When a hanger is more than a hanger

no slip velvet hangers
no-slip velvet hangers

If you are late to the party and have yet to swap all of your hangers for matching ones, you are missing out on the immense satisfaction. Now is the time to finally rid yourself of those plastic tubular hangers that don’t hold onto clothes and take up twice as much closet space. I like velvet no-slip suit hangers for heavy tops and jackets and single shirt hangers for lighter weight tops. They are slim and allow me to fit more clothes in my closet.

4 tier hanger container store wardrobe solutions closet organization
4-tier metal hanger for pants and skirts

I utilize these 4-tier metal hangers from The Container Store for pants and skirts. Hanging four items vertically saves a lot of valuable real estate on the clothing rail.

closet organization 4 tier hanger
4-tier hanger for skirts
4 tier hanger closet solutions
super space saver
4 tier hangers container store closet organization
4-tier hanger for pants
4 tier hangers wardrobe management
4-tier hangers for pants and skirts

The same applies to pants. These 4 hangers hold 16 pairs of pants!

puffy hangers for jackets and blazers
padded hangers for blazers

Choose padded hangers for heavier blazers or tops with shoulder pads. It will help keep their shape longer. Heavier garments can pull down and lose their shape on a thin hanger. I use padded hangers for my blazers and heavy sequin tops and velvet suit hangers for my lightweight blazers.

hangers for jackets and blazers
padded hangers vs suit hangers
pant skirt hangers
rubber pant and skirt hangers

I like these rubber pant and skirt hangers from The Container Store for specialty items such as this sequin skirt and for pants as well. I can double up and it saves space on the rail.

pant skirt hangers
double up and save space
combo hangers
no-slip velvet hangers with clips

Velvet hangers with clips are great for suits or coordinates. I use them to plan outfits for the work week, special occasions, and to organize vintage outfits for the blog.

hangers with clips help to plan outfits
planning outfits
keep go-to outfits hung together

I keep a few go-to outfits hung together for when I’m running late or don’t have time to concoct a new look. Some of my tried and true outfits are kept at the end of this rail where I can find them easily and I can get dressed in five minutes.

container store hangers

Organize by category and color

wardrobe management closet organization
organize by category and color

Once you have your matching hangers consider organizing clothes first by category, then color. My rail of tops is heavy on black with a few pops of color. It’s in need of an edit but it can hold a lot of clothes using slim hangers.

wardrobe management tips and tricks

I have a vintage clothing rail that I organize by decade. It helps me comprehend what I have in my vintage wardrobe at any given time.

Assess what you have, what you wear

wardrobe management closet organization
neglected items with backward hangers

It is said that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. A good tip to assess what you have and what you wear is to turn around all of your hangers and return the clothes that you’ve worn to your closet right way around. Over time, you’ll notice the things that are neglected or never worn. This tactic will help you to decide whether or not to figure out a way to wear it and keep it or get rid of it.

wardrobe management closet organization

I have a few tops on this rail that I haven’t worn in a very long time. I’ll try to style them this summer or donate them.

Go vertical

shoe storage wardrobe management
tall shoe rack from The Container Store

Use as much vertical space as possible. I don’t like to rummage at the bottom of my closet for shoes. This tall shoe rack holds a lot of shoes and keeps them off the floor. Similarly, I keep some of my lesser worn shoes stored in this mesh shoe rack behind the closet door.

shoe storage wardrobe management
over-the-door mesh shoe rack

Fold denim and sweaters

how to care for denim fold jeans

Denim and sweaters are best folded to keep their shape. I organize my denim in piles. L-R: black skinny jeans, black wide leg denim, vintage denim, blue denim, etc.

Moth patrol

moth away repellent
Moth Away herbal repellant

Stay alert. Moths will eat your clothes. If I see a moth or evidence of a moth, I’m tempted to break out the big guns and use moth cake but it can be toxic and the smell is horrible. I’ve been able to keep moths away for a few years now using these herbal repellent sachets. I scatter them around the closet and include one with any clothing in storage.

Good scents

Santa Maria novella potpourri
Santa Maria Novella Potpourri

To keep your wardrobe smelling fresh add a fabric friendly fragrance such as cedar, sandalwood, or lavender. I use my favorite potpourri throughout my apartment and keep a little dish on my dresser near my clothes. You could use your favorite reed diffuser, sachets, or incense as well.

Store off-season items

off season storage clothing solutions

If you’re short on closet or drawer space, store off-season items in convenient storage bags or totes. Last weekend, I packed away my winter sweaters.

canvas storage bags

Let me know in the comments below your top tips for managing your wardrobe.

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