What I Got At Brimfield Flea & Declutter (One In, One Out Rule)

Didn’t buy but loved it.

I look forward to going to Brimfield Flea Market in Massachusetts every year. I went to the show in May but skipped the July show. It was just too hot so I was filled with anticipation getting ready for last weeks show and the final one of the year. I took some photos of some of the marvelous things I saw but didn’t buy. I didn’t buy any housewares or decor which is unusual for me but I’m at capacity at the moment for that type of thing.

I’m most pleased about the vintage jewelry I scored on this trip. I found some very special rings that I’ve worn every day since. I also found a few vintage clothing items that I’m thrilled to wear in the upcoming fall and winter months.

Of course, it also means I had to come home and do a little decluttering to make room for my new purchases actually and symbolically with my One In, One Out Rule demonstrated below. I have also offered some insight into my thinking while I make decisions about what to part with, why, and when.

Brimfield Flea is always an inspiring event. It’s never a chore to analyze my material world when I return home. I look forward to it.

I liked this too.
I own something similar. Loved the colors in this mosaic.
I have a few reverse paintings on glass. This was in great condition.
Vintage WWII poster. Sadly, it’s 1939 all over again.
So much Fiestaware!
These made me smile because my brother and I had these snow boots in the early 1980s.
I looked at a lot of turquoise rings. I’ve been wanting one but cannot find one that sings to me.

What I Bought

What I bought and decluttered when I got home, keeping with my strict One In, One Out Rule. Not only do I use this rule to keep a cap on the amount of stuff I own which is beneficial, but it is also an effective way to curate my wardrobe by replacing any clothing or accessories that no longer work for me with ones that do. For example:

IN: I bought this vintage red metallic leather jacket. I loved this when I spotted it and saw only possibilities for the many ways in which I could style it. It was $30. I think it’s super cool.

OUT: Clothes that no longer spark joy. My new metallic leather jacket sparks joy. This old cardigan does not. I donated it. Nor, do I care for three-quarter length sleeves.

OUT: Clothes that bugs you. This top bugs me for two reasons. 1. I had an epiphany not too long ago that this wide scoop neckline flatters few people (no one), myself, definitely not. I got rid of a bunch of tops last year with this kind of neckline. 2. It’s too low-cut for me. I try to avoid sun exposure. This scoop neckline calls for a heavy application of greasy sunscreen. Owning this top isn’t worth the hassle. Time to pass it on.

IN: A three-quarter length, black faux fur coat. I hesitated on this purchase because I have too many coats as it is. I live in Connecticut and get my money’s worth out of my many coats but I have two closets full. A clear out is in order this season. However, this is a solid addition. I liked the length, wide sleeve cuff, and the fit.

OUT: Clothes that need alterations but you don’t really like them anyway. I need to spend some time this winter editing my coat closet but in the meantime, I’m decluttering three pairs of pants in place of my new coat purchase. Included is this pair of navy dress pants that need to be hemmed but I’m going to donate them instead of paying for alterations. I don’t really like these pants in the first place and have other dress pants that I gravitate toward.

OUT: Clothes that don’t go with anything. I’ve held onto these dress pants for years. I like the way they fit and although they are neutral in color, this shade of brown always stumps me. I haven’t been able to style them in a way that makes me want to wear them. Time to let them go.

OUT: Old workout wear. I’m donating these track pants for good measure. They don’t have any pockets and it annoys me every time I put them on.

IN: 1970s blue velvet Wranglers. What else is to be said? Of course, I would buy these.

OUT: Clothes that make you cringe. I found these old Guess jeans in the attic. They are so low-rise, I will never, ever wear them again.

IN: This very sweet vintage lace slip. This needed a little stitching at the seam yet still worth the $15 price tag. I love the little flower. It’s sheer and I’ll wear it over jeans.

OUT: Clothes that don’t fit. I’m substituting one lacy item for another. This top is a bit too tight and I no longer like the neckline as noted above.

IN: A 1980s satin jacket with a sheer back and tails! This is a beautiful jacket. The ruffled tails killed me in the best way. It also nips in at the waist and I like the silhouette.

OUT: Tight clothes that make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. This is a gorgeous blouse but it has always pulled across the chest. Whenever I wore it, I found myself tugging at it all day long. Time to say good-bye.

IN: My flea market jewelry finds are becoming some of my most adored jewelry. I bought these vintage rings for $5 each.

OUT: Sub-standard jewelry. I’m decluttering two necklaces for two rings. This necklace never looked expensive even before a pearl went missing.

OUT: I have several vintage gold chains that I cherish but the finish on this one has dulled significantly. It’s the kind of thing that will bring down any outfit. Time to let it go.

IN: Anyone who frequents flea markets, thrift shops, and the like, knows that sometimes the things you’re looking for manifest themselves, and sometimes it’s a bust. I went to Brimfield Flea in May on the hunt for jewelry and didn’t buy any. Just wasn’t my day. This day was different. I spotted a substantial amount of vintage jewelry in the vein I had been looking for. I negotiated this lot from one seller.

OUT: Broken jewelry. Easy decision. Declutter items in need of repair that you know you will never get to.

OUT: Boring or too basic accessories. Time to pass on this chain necklace that I never reach for because I have others that are better and more stylish.

OUT: Earrings that no longer suit your vibe. Pretty but not my thing anymore. One question to ask yourself is, “Would I buy this again today?” If the answer is no, it’s a safe bet to declutter.

OUT: More jewelry that I never reach for. I love statement jewelry but I’m into smaller earrings these days.

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