What I Got At Brimfield Flea


I had an amazing day at Brimfield Flea a few weeks ago.  I was prepared, arrived early, and only had t0 hit the cash machine once for an emergency supplement to my planned budget.  

As you can see from this web photo, it’s big.  Hence, the overwhelming feeling that comes over me everytime I go but I press on.  It was hot.  Which normally, I would complain about but as I quickly learned, means fewer people attend the summer show compared to spring and fall.  That was just fine with me. 

One of the first tents I came across was vintage cast iron.  I love cooking in cast iron and have a little stack of vintage pans on my stove.  I wanted this gigantic cast iron pan.  So cool!  I didn’t see anything that I needed so I moved on.  

I spent a lot of time in this tent looking through all the amazing vintage French linen.

I always spend a lot of time in the clothing tents and came away with a small pile of really cool things.

I stepped way outside of my comfort zone and picked up this 1980’s dress for $25.  I haven’t worn a dress in about a decade but the pattern caught my eye and I thought I’d give it a go.  I’ve been wearing it out to run errands because it’s been hot but haven’t decided the best way to style it just yet.

I really scored finding these 1960’s chocolate brown knee-high boots for $10.  The vendor was lovely as well and I enjoyed talking to her.  Most of the vendors are very friendly and open to making deals. 

These vintage Wrangler jeans, I picked up for $35, were another favorite of the day.  I’ve been living in vintage jeans most of the year.  I had forgotten how much I like the cut, quality, and weight of vintage jeans compared to the thin, stretchy jeans made today for the masses.  I have jeans like that.  Don’t get me wrong, they serve a purpose but the difference in quality is notable. 

I picked up this 1970’s gold necklace from a jewelry seller that I had bought something from before.  Many of the vendors operate in the same spot and I’m starting to remember them now.  I paid $10 for the necklace.  It’s an old Avon piece. 

My favorite find of the whole day has to be this skirt that I bought from the French linen vendor.  She also had vintage French workwear and a few fashion items, one being this incredible skirt from 1890.  I had to repair the clasp in the back and was trying it on with different shoes.  I can’t wait to wear this in the fall.  I also decided against ironing it.  I just love how stiff and wrinkled it is.  It gives it so much more character.

I loved the pattern on this 1960’s coat.  It’s brown and black, and another reason to be excited about fall.

I got this very old European breadboard toward the end of the day.  I love the copper plates and have already used it as a centerpiece on my kitchen table.

I have a hard time passing up a killer urn.  I have a few copper and silver ones already.  I was struck by the beautiful detail on this gold urn.  It’s also heavy, a great piece. 

Dusty old church pieces set my heart alight.  Sadly, catastrophe struck when this cross that I bought fell off my wall recently and broke.  Lucky for me, the next Brimfield Flea show is just around the corner in September.  More treasure hunting to come. 

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